Accommodation and videos

    Each pen is more than large enough for two cats and is constructed according to the advice of the Feline Advisory Bureau. They are light, bright and airy, insulated and well ventilated. Cosy and warm in winter and cool and bright in summer.

    We have just added two lovely new pens. Each is large enough for two cats sharing and there is a of removable dividing panel which turns them into a very large area suitable for up to four cats.

    All of our pens are divided into two sections - an indoor sleeping area and an outside run.

    The indoor part of the pen (the bedroom) has a choice of sleeping areas. We know that all cats are different and prefer different types of places to sleep - some on the floor and some on a higher platform. So in addition to a cozy basket on the floor there are two other levels to sleep with views over the countryside to sit and watch the wildlife.

    The bedrooms are heated by infrared lamps over the beds and there is a cat flap linking the bedroom to the outside run.

    The outside run is covered and has two shelves at different heights to watch the world go by. It is light and bright with views of bird feeders as well as the family chickens!